At the start of the Dungeon there are stairs

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At the start of the Dungeon there are stairs

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Be sure you've got OSRS gold your light source with you as well as an instrument.

At the start of the Dungeon there are stairs, go down into the web, slash it, and get the boots of lightness.

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Portal Nexus OSRS: Guide All You Need to Know

What is what is a Portal Nexus?

The Portal Nexus is a room that can be built within the player-owned home in Old School Runescape. There is only one Portal Nexus room can be constructed in a house owned by a player. It'll cost 200.00 gold to build one together with a minimum construction level of 72.

Within a Portal Nexus room , players are able to build a Portal Nexus that can teleport players to various locations within Old School Runescape. The cost of adding each teleport will be 1.000 times the cost of running for that spell.